A Wisdom Welcome

jamesWelcome to Whole Life Whole World!

The following is a very valuable welcome gift for you, to give all first time visitors to the site a helpful introduction to some of the most effective wisdoms and insights currently available for success, happiness and personal development, and covering all of the major areas of life; to allow us all to ease very desireably into an effective approach for a happy and meaningful life.

This also culminates in a view that allows us to understand a deeper view of humanity, which is refined in our Model of Personal Development and Global Change – the simplest starting point of understanding that we can present to you for supporting the aim of making a difference in the lives of individuals, and in the World.

I know that we all here at Whole Life Whole World care deeply about your being able to thrive and fulfill your potentials and deepest desires, and we are delighted to play a part in this. This welcome may help you to define that arena.

The first thing to do this is to define and understand the real meaning of true success. This means knowing and understanding what is true and important about us, and so our page on True Success will give you a good explanation of and grounding in this.

We then also define a very specific stage of inner strength which may be defined as Self Mastery, characterised by being centered and having inner peace. This also supports the important area of emotional mastery and provides the basis for right relationship with oneself and with others.

…and the Self Mastery page will also tell you what wisdom actually is!

One of the most useful things that people are beginning to understand more and more about work and vocation is its potential position as our arena for expressing our deepest potentials and desires. If we are doing all the right things in our lives at home, but our work life is unfulfilled or unfulfilling, then our overall effectiveness and happiness may be partially compromised. This is why we are delighted to define a short introduction to some more advanced insights into Finding Your Right Work.

And, of course, the health and vitality of the physical body is also very important, and we would like to introduce you to a very simple and very effective initial approach that we are pioneering; a new culture of Listening to the Body.

All of this allows the individual to be successful and, in that, it also automatically helps the collective to be successful…

Presenting some notions which you may find particularly encouraging, inspiring, empowering and illuminating, the last two pieces of the welcome, Interior Depth, and Creating Heaven on Earth, explain the relationship of the individual to the whole World, and some very effective and very real ways in which we can indeed make a difference.

To tie up all of these areas, and to overview the whole arena of human potential, The Model of Personal Development and Global Change offers a very effective and powerful way to understand all of the things that we have within us, individually and collectively. It is a great way to understand the full, wondrous and various dimensions of your own amazing being.

Best wishes.

James Blacker,
Founder, Papillon Human Potential & Whole Life Whole World

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