Finding Your Right Work

“When what you do has no meaning to you, you cut yourself off from the wealth of energy and inspiration available to you.” – Colin Turner

When what you do has no meaning to you, you cut yourself off from the wealth of energy and inspiration available to you.

When what you do has no meaning to you, you cut yourself off from the wealth of energy and inspiration available to you.

There is an imaginable spectrum which spans the approach to work, social, domestic and economic contribution.

At one end of the spectrum, people accept jobs, circumstances, teams and communities and then make the skills, interests, passions and inner gifts which they have fit in with them. Does the job or social/private activity match the individual’s purpose or passions? Often they don’t.

If we move toward the other end of the spectrum, we wisely identify those skills, interests, passions, and above all, purposes that we have, and then, as best we can, seek those jobs, situations, teams and circumstances which will allow them their full expression.

You can imagine the potential for frustration and discomfort that exists at the first end of the spectrum at which we force our skills and interests to fit in with what we are commanded to do. We can see the widescale benefit of developing a personal conviction to seeking those avenues which will allow the expression of our gifts to flow.

“Unhappiness comes from sitting on the gifts that we have.” – Dr Robert Holden

Finding one’s right work is a subset of the wider inner drive for prosperity through contribution and perhaps, also, growth, if we are frustrated or unfulfilled by the level of contribution and achievement we are living at.

The following is a wisdom expansion of the possible limitations of thinking that may already have set in regarding personal contribution;

  • When we uncover our purposes, one characteristic they will always have, if they are true to self and authentically wise, is that they will be in harmony and in integrity with the world at large. If the purposes are wise, then they inevitably contribute to the world whilst also supporting and promoting the wellbeing and prosperity of the individual.
  • A person of wisdom naturally has an effortless desire to keep refining and paying close attention to what they wish to express and contribute, and what they are to do, so that a fluid and fresh lifestyle, rich with personal fulfillment and creativity, and also sharp, appropriate, timely and desireable productivity is experienced.
  • Specific purpose can, and may well change and develop over time. In this respect, we do not want to be limited by any social notions that finding one’s right work means doing the same ‘job’ for the rest of our lives – although it may. But it won’t always mean that for everyone.
  • By the same token, nor do we want to be inflexible under the notion that we must only contribute our abilities in one specific and narrowly defined area at a time. It may be that it is right for us to follow two or more lines of purpose or vocational contribution simultaneously.
  • And we really also want to have a fully wide definition of what contribution actually is… Whilst it may include the things we do for a living, and in many cases will, it may equally involve such things as mothering, fathering or other true educating, caring, play, interaction, encouraging, supporting, recreation, creativity, personal growth, communion with others, and all other expressions of all honest dimensions of one’s personality… even the fully engaging of one’s physical potential. Your gift, or contribution may be more than just commercial productivity. Much, much more.

It might not be the case that each and every life circumstance we currently have allows us to express our gifts and creativity completely, in a totally free and unshackled way.

What we can do in this scenario though, is to make sure we are moving in the direction of those situations and agreements that do.

And, of course, we are here to encourage and support you in that, if those are your desired endeavours.

“Your desires are the very tools that assist you in expressing your purpose.” – Colin Turner

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