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Mind Practice: Introduction to Integral Theory

Mind Practice: The Quadrants

Integral Personal Transformative Life Practice

Gosh that’s a lot of words, isn’t it.  Integral Personal Transformative Life Practice.  What do they all mean?

Personal because it’s related to you.  It’s for you.  For those who are new to transformative practice it’s important to point that out, to make that clear.  This ‘Practice’ section of this website is to help you consider your own personal practice and support that as best as possible, either with guiding resources an discussion online, or for those attending live groups.

Transformative means that it’s about becoming; personal transformation.  Classically, this involves engaging one’s Authentic Self and overcoming Ego.  This involves reaching more integral perspectives on life.  It’s also Translative, about Translation, meaning healing of both body and mind – healing (translating) one thing into another).

And the Integral part reflects the fact that it involves and integrates ALL important parts of the whole of oneself and includes all those forms of practice which are identified as being ‘core’.  In practices such as Leonard and Murphy’s ’Integral Transformative Practice’, or Integral Institute’s ‘Integral Life Practice’, the ‘core’ elements of practice are considered to be Mind, Body, Shadow and Spirit.

And it’s about Life because it touches all parts of life.  It’s for life.  It helps life to work at its most effective.

Practice means like any other, like it does in any other sense, that we master things, we get better at something, when we practice it.

Practice goes hand in hand with Coaching, because it’s one thing to learn or be taught something, and quite another to actively use it, or achieve a certain something on a regular, permanent basis.

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Approximately half an hour’s free virtual life coaching short clips by Life Skills Trainer, John Christian.