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Strength for Life Audio CD

Audio CD
James Blacker with David Heard
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Total running time: 1 hr 06 mins 11

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The Strength for Life Audio CD

The Strength for Life CD is the main coaching audio product for SfL’s approach to Aging & Physical Strength.

In this interview-based audio presentation, Strength for Life founder, David Heard, talks about the key components of physical ability and strength throughout life which make up his philosophy of ‘maximising whatever it is you have’, and provides an impressive array of insights on the physical body that will leave you richly informed and updated.

David explains his body wisdom philosophy of listening to the body, which he states is something he has encouraged in his clients over the years, from top sports people like emerging England cricket legend, Andy Strauss, and everyday individuals, to the aged, and clients of the National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed, of which he was the founder and chief executive.

“What I try to do is to get people to listen to their body. To get them to hear what’s going on and respond to that.” – David Heard

He also explains how the beliefs and well-intentioned attitudes of society actually cause us to buy into a sense of physical limitation that is, in truth, without substance.

Further discussions include an account of the Russian ‘living legend’ Valetin Dikoul, who as a high-wire artist in the Moscow State Circus broke his back in a fall which left him a paraplegic and wheelchair-bound. Dikoul decreed that he would not stay in a wheelchair, and within a period of seven years went from beign completely paralysed from the waist down, to walking totally independently.

David also shares his unique insights and experiences on a range of subjects, including fitness, physical function, rehabilitation after paralysis, psychology, injury prevention, muscle balance, body intuition and inner awareness, and the beliefs which allowed him to cycle for a thousand kilometres over sixteen days around Vietnam, in temperatures of 90 degrees and humidity of 90 per cent, at the age of sixty-two.

And finally we are treated to his insights and experiences of approaches towards aging in various cultures around the world, in a fully comprehensive exploration of our lifetime-long relationship with our physical body, which makes Strength for Life an invaluable understanding for both young and old alike.

“The keys to a long healthy life, well the first one is attitude. Its about never settling, and I guess this permeates all the activities I’m involved in really, whether its training elite sports people, rehabilitating people with paralysis, or even just having a take on life, its about not recognising, or setting artificial barriers. Most human beings work below capacity, most of us, me included, work below capacity, and the first thing is to get rid of that nonsense.” – David Heard

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Strength for Life: The Model of Self Audios with David Heard