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Wisdom The Course: The Way of True Success Special Offer: Strength for Life CD + Happiness 2 CDs
Wisdom The Course: The Way of True Success
Written and created by James Blacker
20 Module Home Study Wisdom-based Life Course
The Strength for Life CD + The Happiness 2 CDs
James Blacker with David Heard
2 Products, 3 CDs - almost 3 hours of audio
£187.00 £38.50 £29.50

The Good Sleep Presentation with Dr Neil Stanley

The Good Sleep Presentation

The Good Sleep Presentation is an audio resource for anyone anywhere in the World who is interested in improving the quality of their sleep. In this 70 minute long interview, UK Sleep Expert, Dr Neil Stanley explains the ins and outs of many sleep related matters, culminating in an insight into how sleep related issues are addressed at the highest level of expertise.  Price: £17.00  Delivery: Digital Download.

The Wisdom Diet by James Blacker

The Wisdom Diet

There are at least five things wrong with dieting; the denial, the forced exercise, the impatience, the quit/continue conflict, and the fact that one can fail a diet. With denial, for example, it's not that eating things is wrong, but eating them for the wrong reasons that's the problem. The Wisdom Diet turns all of these things on their heads so that they empower You!  Price: £15.00  Delivery: Digital Download.

Strength for Life (Audio CD) with David Heard

Strength for Life (Audio CD)

In this interview-based audio presentation, Strength for Life founder, David Heard, talks about the key components of physical ability and strength throughout life which make up his philosophy of 'maximising whatever it is you have', and provides an impressive array of insights into the physical body. David also explains his body wisdom philosophy of listening to the body, which he states is something he has encouraged in his clients, from top sports people like emerging England cricket legend, Andy Strauss, and everyday individuals, to the aged, and clients of the National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed, of which he was the founder and chief executive.  Price: £16.75  Delivery: By Regular Post (£1.75 postage included).

Happiness (2 Audio CDs) James Blacker and David Heard

Happiness (2 Audio CDs)

'Happiness' is an epic and comprehensive account of the key concepts involved in what is arguably the most important and sought after goal known to man, presented through some 42 clear and inspired audio tracks. As it became apparent that this was clearly an under-developed area of social wisdom, this recording was developed to provide answers to those questions which are being asked by individuals everywhere. James and David expand upon the whole gamut of happiness bringing factors, including living in the moment, and the Model of Self.  Price: £21.75  Delivery: By Regular Post (£1.75 postage inlcuded).


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