Recommended Return: Weekly / Daily

How often is it worth you coming back to this website?

We can think outside of the box here at Whole Life Whole World, so rather than wonder if everybody realises that the website is set out so that there’s something new every week, or even every day, why not tell them!

So I’ve come up with this new idea of a Recommended Return guide.

At the moment, the aim is indeed to have at least one something new every day, and we’re not too far away from this, time wise – maybe in the New Year.  We’re also working on having at least one main feature item on the top right of the home page per week, which we are doing.

However, we may also be having weeks where there’s two or even more of those per week, and so you might like to visit more often if you’re really committed to getting things going with everything we can offer.  And so with the aim to have at least one new article or post per day very close, this is why the current recommended return for viewers to the site is either daily or weekly, at your own discretion, of course!

James BlackerAnd if and when the Discussion Forum gets launched, well then you’re free and very welcome to come on here as often as you want.  The more the merrier.

Best wishes,

James Blacker

Founder (and Editor)

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