Good Habits & Life Practice

“Habits are, by definition, unconscious.  Therefore, if you’re conscious of what you’re doing in any moment, you aren’t acting out of habit.”

Whether they choose to use the term or not, everyone engages in activity to achieve things and make things better, which you could call talking to friends for advice and working at habits and life and success, or you could plain call it life coaching and life practice.

If you can make this more formal, though, then results become more effective.  It is for this very reason that we have built to offer you the Life Practice Resource Areas.

By working on Mind, Body, Spirit, Shadow and Ethics, this in turn leads to more effective success with such things as emotions, awareness, better decision-making, behaviour and actions, conscious self-mastery, relaxation, and habits.

Habits are, by definition, unconscious or subconscious actions.  Therefore, the best way to rise above them and take control of them is what is known as Conscious Living.  This may also allow for the development of good habits, which can still be subconscious, or semi-conscious, but are at least welcome in our lives.

“Good habits are difficult to cultivate but easy to live with.  Bad habits are easy to cultivate but difficult to live with.”

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