James Blacker and An Expansion of Papillon Human Potential

James Blacker

James Blacker

It was once suggested to me that the human potential collective that we formed in 2004, Papillon Human Potential, wouldn’t be able to stay at just the three of us forever, but would itself naturally want to expand beyond that, and that observation has turned out to be right.

Papillon has both expanded into, and become a sub-set of, the new vehicle, Whole Life Whole World Integral Wisdom Movement.

This has allowed us to work with others with a wide range of passions and expertise, and present a truly comprehensive movement and coaching and learning offering, as we will also learn and you will also lead and teach – alongside us, not in front of or behind.

Today, we are much more geared and in position to help lead the movement of evolving consciousness and integral wisdom into the Integral Age for individual, social and global wellbeing, have a rich depth of coaching and teaching colleagues, along with a developing dedicated focus and service on personal transformative practice, and work with a wide range of truly world-class figures from the world of health.

The focus is to help you create your Whole Life, as it is for ourselves, too, and that full definition of what a ‘Whole life’ actually is then makes the beginnings and the basis of the healing and integrating of the World.  We all have something to offer, and as one heals and transforms their potential, contributing what we have to offer to others actually becomes a main part of personal fulfillment, and so the two lines actually become one.

And so we’re here to help us all to do that, with the links below to begin with, including our ‘Wisdom Welcome’ for six main areas of life, and the main sections of Life, Health, World, Coaching and Practice.

Best wishes,

James Blacker
Author, Wisdom The Course and
Founder, Papillon Human Potential
and Whole Life Whole World Integral Wisdom Movement

Let’s Begin…

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