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John Christian

John Christian is one of the main members of Whole Life Whole World.  His company is John Christian Seminars.

John is a substantial Spiritual Teacher and Life Skills Trainer of some thirty plus years, and has visited more than fifty different countries during that time, working with different cultures, and presenting on the timeless topic of life, and how to live it. He is influenced by, and has worked with three true late greats of the spiritual and personal development world; Sir George Trevelyan, Dr Paul Solomon, and Tamo-san, the first person in 500 years to be recognised as fully enlightened by the heads of Buddhism and Shintoism, and the then Emperor of Japan.

Now, John conducts workshops, lectures and concerts, and has become well known around the world for his charismatic and entertaining style of presentation. He has travelled throughout England, Europe, the United States, Kenya and Australia, where he successfully combines his talent for singing and comedy with an extensive understanding and experience of the Mysteries of Life.

His lighthearted approach, however, does not belie his serious, yet loving message: each of us needs to become personally responsible for what we think, feel and do.  What makes the message even more potent is that it is derived from personal experience.

In addition to his workshops, lectures and concerts, John is sought after worldwide, for his counselling, intuitive insight and private healing sessions. He has also conducted stress management courses and meditation treks to Nepal & Little Tibet.

A Message from John

To be considered or referred to as a spiritual teacher is rather an enigma to me, especially as I having spent most of my working life as a professional singer, actor and recording artist, in an industry renowned for drink, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. In retrospect, I can now honestly say that it was my intuitive sense of a set of higher integral values which I often failed to fully value, understand or utilise, that kept me safe from my own ego’s frailties and temptations throughout, even when I felt that I had just flunked it! Continued…

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