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David Heard

David Heard

A friend and colleague for the last ten years, David Heard actually spans both the health world and the life coaching arena with equal distinction.

As the Founder and Chief Executive of the National Rehabilitation Centre for the Paralysed, he and his team pioneered a range of exercise therapy approaches, often with life-changing results.  And as an elite fitness coach for his own company, Team Fitness, he has worked with a number of professional athletes, teams and individuals, including Middlesex County Cricket Club and Ashes winning England cricket captain, Andrew Strauss, among them.

David now works as a top Life Coach, as well as continuing to run The Fitness Consultancy, of which Team Fitness is also still an active part.  For us here, with Whole Life Whole World, David presents his Strength for Life philosophy, co-hosted with Whole Life Whole World Founder, James Blacker, of aging and physical strength allied with happiness and inner strength.  David and The Fitness Consultancy are also the main source of expertise and advice that we seek out in helping us to develop understandings and philosophies for the majority of our Health presentations.

David and James between them also conceived the various concepts of the Body Wisdom movement.

David is also the chief executive of the British registered charity, Sportability.

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