Video Teachings

In addition to written, text-based activity of all kinds through this website and the web, we are also building an ever-developing audio and video based educational and coaching collection to accelerate growth and learning in a way that perhaps articles, blogs and forum discussions alone cannot do. 

Whilst we are complementing these with live training events, courses and seminars, not everyone can attend these live events, and so for us this growing library of multimedia coaching resources is a valuable tool in the effort to help people learn, heal and grow more quickly and more effectively.

In addition to our audio and text-based products, we already to date have between us on this website approximately half an hour’s free video coaching with John, and approximately half an hour’s audio coaching with David.

We will also use this page to library and link all of our other audio and video material and presentations as we go.

You can click on either of the images below to begin with these two…


The Model of Self Audios with David HeardJohn Christian Videos Virtual Coaching

Juice!, Kent.  Kent's only holistic party
Approximately half an hour’s free virtual life coaching short clips by Life Skills Trainer, John Christian.