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Integral Leadership Review
The Integral Leadership Review’s vision is to make a substantive difference in creating self-sustaining and generative people, systems and earth through an integrative, developmental and transdisciplinary approach to leadership by serving as an integrating force among leaders, developers, theorists, students, consultants and coaches in all domains and cultures.

The mission of the Integral Leadership Review is to provide a forum for virtually all those exploring leadership practice, development and theory by engaging in integrative approaches to support effective leadership in pursuit of life enhancing and sustainable organizations and social processes. In pursuit of this mission we seek to attract those engaging in leadership roles, executive/business coaches, consultants, leadership development specialists and theorists. It is our mission to provide them with timely information and ideas that will support such leadership.  More…

Moor the Boat: A Short Book About the Future of Humankind

Moor the Boat is a short story about the future of humankind which can be read here in it’s entirety.  It was written by Rev. Ryoju Kikuchi, (alias Tamo). 

Please click here to begin reading Moor the Boat.

Moor the Boat – A Brief Introduction

“Moor The Boat is a text taken from a talk that Tamo-San gave of her vision that she was given as a young lady of twenty-one when she was meditating on the Om symbol in the temple in Japan, and she said that luminescence, the spirit, living spirit of the Universe came through, and engulfed her, and she was just taken, for two weeks, into this exploratory understanding of the Kosmos and how it works, and during that time she was shown possibilities of cause and effect that would take place if human beings didn’t strive for self-enlightenment, and continued behaving the way they were behaving. So she committed the rest of her life, from that moment on, to try and wake us up, basically, get the message to us.” – John Christian

Juice!, Kent.  Kent's only holistic party
Approximately half an hour’s free virtual life coaching short clips by Life Skills Trainer, John Christian.